Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shifter's Wolf : “Masques” and “Wolfsbane”

 “Shifter's Wolf” by Patricia Briggs includes two books, previously published separately. I’d enjoyed the “Masques” and “Wolfsbane” so much that I kept rereading them. When the books came out in one volume, I was glad I’ve waited and hadn’t purchased each individual book. 
In “Masques”, we meet Aralorn and then Wolf and see how their friendship forms. The perils they go through and how they come to know each other, become comrades and finally lovers. Although this story is more about Wolf and his background. The next book is all about Aralorn.

Wolfsbane” by Patricia Briggs is the second book of Aralorn series. Aralorn receives the news of her father’s death and hurries home after ten years to say goodbye. Her companion and lover is coming with her in his “Wolf” persona. Once there they find out that Father is not dead but simply under a deathly spell, a trap. We get to meet Aralorn family including some of her shapeshifting relatives and learn why she left home all those years ago.

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